Buy a Gift Card


In September 2007, Marian Welham went to Uganda as a volunteer with Mission Direct. She was so impressed by all that she saw going on in the projects that they visited and worked with - and especially by the dedication of the project managers, teachers, and helpers - that she decided to set up a Gift Card scheme when she returned.

Children at standpipe
For each gift ordered you will be sent a card of a professional quality. Inside is a description of the gift you have chosen. There is an appropriate photograph on the front and a description of the project on the back. You simply add who they are to and from before giving them. The entire amount donated for each gift goes to the project.

In addition to birthdays and Christmas, Gift Cards also make an interesting alternative as a 'thank you' for a meal, instead of wine or flowers.


The Gift Card List has been developed as part of the Giving section of the Mission Direct website. Click here to visit the Rukungiri Primary School section. This will open in a new window.