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Recent news received from Alice


An extra piece of land that joins the plot of the nursery building has been purchased to give the children more room to play and hopefully to make room for some more dormitories. A sponsored Marathon has made it possible to buy some swings, slides and merry go rounds to put here for the use of the children. The Bishop's house (Bishop Rukindi who was a great help to Alice and John when they set up the school in Rukungiri but has since died) which is adjoining the school is up for sale. A miracle is needed to find the funds to buy it but there have been other miracles in the history of this lovely school!


The large hall, which is the top floor of one of the classroom blocks, has been very useful in many different ways. However, when it is needed for exams lots of benches and forms have to be carried up the stairs. To prevent this being necessary we have bought some single desks which will stay permanently in the hall but can be pushed to the back when an open space is needed.


The irrigation system on the farm is now working. A deep bore hole was drilled and a solar pump purchased to bring water up to a series of water tanks that will reach most of the growing areas on the farm. Another bore hole has been dug near the farm school which will provide clean water for the school and the local community.


We have just heard that a lot of the young growing crops on the farm were destroyed by a hailstorm. This devastated the whole area around the farm shredding banana trees and spoiling the crops. Alice said she can't remember such a thing happening in her lifetime. They are replanting with the help of refugees. There are many refugees in the area who are desperate for work to support their families.


One of the teachers at RMPS has had a nasty accident. He was knocked down by a boda boda (motorcycle taxi) and has been in hospital with face and chest injuries.


Alice and John have 7 grandsons now and one granddaughter. A great blessing to them both.