Completed Projects


TV and video teaching aids in the Primary School Hall

Tv video aids

The primary school children and staff have very little opportunity to develop a greater awareness of the ‘outside world’. The internet is both expensive and unreliable. DVDs and TV channels provide a window-into-the-world for the school. The provision of the school hall makes this feasible.  During the evenings and at weekends, the boarders  have an opportunity to watch films and educational DVDs (e.g. ‘The Natural World’) to broaden their education.

This special cabinet was made in the vocational centre but funded by money from a funeral in UK which was donated to us. The man who died was a carpenter so we felt it was a fitting use of the donation.



School bus to take resident orphans on trips during vacations

school bus

When non-resident orphans go home at the end of each term, a number of children don’t have a home to go to. They remain at the school, and feel as if they are ‘left out’.  The school bus provides the resident orphans with a way of ‘going’ somewhere during the school vacations. This is both to make them feel special and to broaden their horizons by seeing other parts of Uganda.




chapel dining rm

 Classroom, chapel or dining room 

The central building in this picture was paid for by a very generous personal donation from a lady in Abergavenny. It is used as a classroom but has also been the chapel and the dining room before the larger assembly hall was completed.






A sanatorium for the primary school


Mosquito netsAlthough the number of instances of Malaria has reduced dramatically since the donation of mosquito nets, children do suffer from all sorts of other illnesses too. In 1980 an outbreak of Measles was very difficult to manage, since the school had no isolated accommodation for its borders; and expensive since accommodation at the local clinics and hospitals needs to be paid for, and food provided.

medical room 1


  A sanatorium, the top floor of the building in this picture, has been provided where sick children can be kept separate from the other school children until they are well again. 








We helped John to complete the top floor of this building which has the girl's dormitory and the very young children's dormitory with a room for 'Matron', who looks after them.








This smart new table top photocopier was bought from money collected by Kentchurch Church near Abergavenny. The school secretary was very pleased with it as she had the messy job of producing all the internal exam papers on a drum duplicator with a winding handle!





water tank



Water supply 

There are times in the dry season when the one tap in the school runs dry. We helped to install rain water harvesting tanks in the school so that water could be collected and saved up for these times. A solar  powered pump has now been added bringing water from a renovated bore hole nearby. John installed a piped system to carry some of this water to the nursery school.






new lorry



All food, firewood and building materials need to be transported to the school. We collected enough money to buy this tipper lorry so that transport fees could be kept to a minimum.







Children's legal rights 


Pressure on food production is so high for poor subsistence farmers, that some orphans are being dispossessed of their inherited land. When the orphan is unable to make productive use of the land it becomes vulnerable to take over by extended family members. By planting and working the land the family claim title to that land, and so dispossess the rightful owner.Coffee bushes have been planted on these patches of land so that they are being used and so protect the children's rights.





Computer FacilitiesComputer Facilities

Computers were provided so that pupils could learn basic IT skills which have become part of the national curriculum. A class room has been put aside for this purpose and classes come one at a time to have lessons.