Caring & teaching

Children in their new clothes


A child who feels cared for and safe is in the best environment for learning. The children are delighted to be able to go to school. Truanting  is not a problem as African children recognise the importance of education and its part in their future lives.

Rukungiri Modern primary and Pre-primary are both very caring environments. The Primary School is led by Headmaster Geoffrey, an inspirational and dedicated head-teacher. He maintains very high morale among both children and staff. Although it is a large school, there is a real family feel to it.



Afternoon napLoyce is Head Teacher of the Pre-primary School. She works alongside her fellow teachers.

If you visit in the afternoon you can see the younger children with their heads on their desks taking a much needed nap. A school day can seem very long when you're only 3 or 4!

The teachers in the Nursery are all female giving a motherly feel to the children's early years of education. Both schools adhere to high standards. Discipline is rarely a problem when the children are so keen and quick to learn.

Teaching is in the English language and keeps to much the same range of subjects as in UK schools.

Since opening in 1997 Rukungiri Modern Primary School has been the top performing school in the Rukungiri District. Since 2000 it has also been amonst the top five primary schools in the whole of Uganda