Feeding & clothing

Lunch time in Pre-primary

The Schools' menu is nutrious but not very varied. The children have a diet of posho and beans. Posho can be cooked as a porridge or 'mashed potato' consistancy and is made from maize flour which is filling and contains some protein. 

They do get treats of cake and bread buns from time to time. Meat is expensive and only provided on special occasions when available. It's likely to be chicken or goat. Vegetables are grown at the farm and enjoyed by the children.

On this diet all the children appear healthy and happy. They don't become fussy eaters!

Some have the opportunity to try baking and have lots of fun. They then enjoy the results of their efforts.

All the food for the schools is prepared and cooked in what looks like primitive kitchens but this is an improvement on the initial kitchen.

On arriving at school the children will have a mug of porridge. The younger children also receive it at their morning break.

For lunch bread-like posho is served with beans and green veg from the farm.

At the afternoon break a mug of posho with milk and sugar is provided.

This is repeated in the evening for those who are boarders.


Children marching


School uniform is proudly worn by all the students. There is an on-site tailor who makes, mends and makes alterations to clothes as and when needed.

With such a large school there is always some clothes that need repairing. Uniforms are purchased in Rukungiri town or made on site. The 'make do and mend' approach helps to make the most of what is available.