Spiritual teaching

Sunday worship 

Alice and John are both committed Christians. John is a trained Anglican Minister. They felt that God was calling them to this work and has blessed and strengthened them through it.

Alice says "At first we were living off miracles with no budget". The miracles and blessing have continued and the children are aware of God's provision for them.

The Christian ethos runs through the schools and is part of everything they do. For the children, God being there with them is just a fact for which they are forever grateful.


Pre-primary lessonPrayers and religious education are a part of everyday school life. There are several school choirs who enjoy worship through song, they have a natural rhythm and often dance in worship too. Sunday services are a treasure to behold with clear and powerful teaching.

The students and teachers thank God for everything they have. Despite their poverty they radiate happiness.

Children of all faiths are welcome at the school. There are protestant, catholic and muslim children studying together.