The Farm Land


In 2008 the school almost closed due to a shortage of affordable food. As prices rose it looked as though it would be a constant struggle to feed almost 1,000 children daily. The solution was to start producing food themselves, but affordable land was not close at hand. However, land did become available some 250km away. This was good land with fertile virgin soil.

The problems of transport were overcome by much fundraising in the UK in order to buy this truck to deliver crops to the school.

 The farm is near Kyenjojo to the north of Rukungiri. Land is gradually being cleared for crops. Cattle and goats are grazed. Maize, beans, poatoes and fruit are successfully grown.

The farm is providing a model for the local farmers in encouraging them to diversify their crops.
It is also giving experience to older pupils from the school and the vocational centre.

John with cattle


John with one of the Ankole cattle.



Maize growing


 Maize growing at the farm.






                                                                                  John with tractor and plough ready for work on the farm land.