Visit Rukungiri

Consider a visit to the School. They are always very happy to receive guests and will give you a huge welcome.

  • Come to see
  • share a skill
  • take a class
  • just make new friends


You can visit Rukungiri, either as part of a vacation, part of a mission team or simply to spend time discovering first hand what happens at the schools and vocational training centre.

Your visit may be only a few days, or you could choose to spend several years working in Rukungiri, whatever the duration of your visit, whatever your age, there are many ways in which you will be able to get involved in activities of the children and staff.

In any case, you will meet people, develop lasting friendships, and be inspired by what you see and what you do. You will be blessed and leave behind a treasured blessing, the knowledge that people from afar really do care.


When organising a visit, we recommend that you consider the following:

Visiting the School

  • School term times 

  • Visas - see the Ugandan Embassy Web Site

  • Vaccinations - consult your local doctor.

  • Currency: There are local cash dispensers in Rukungiri, although reliability is low. Currency can only be bought and sold in Uganda. The best rates of exchange are obtained in Kampala for US Dollars and UK Pounds. Travellers cheques can also be cashed but at less good rates. This is a cash economy so plan well what you need to take!

  • Local arrangements. For arrangements contact Simon-Peter Kansiime via the White Crest Guest House website. Simon-Peter runs the Guest House in Kampala,organises local transport, tourism and safari guides for visitors to Rukungiri. He's Alice & John's son.

    There are many ways in which you can help including: managing building projects, teaching a craft in the Vocational Centre, teaching a musical instrument, helping supervise sports and games, baking buns, helping children write to their sponsors. The list is endless! Whatever you bring can be used to benefit the children.

Anyone who might like to visit Rukungiri with a team of volunteers to help in some practical way can contact Mission Direct via this link